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# Early Stage Invesment.

Become a CSF token tier holder and qualify for seed investment and private sale stages

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Our features

Verified Projects

Invest in projects that have an audit report and are approved by us.


Currently it will support Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and more!

Stake Program

Created staking programs that support Avalanche and Binance smart chain networks.

Early Stage Investment

With launchpad tiers, get access seed and private sales.

NFT Collection Tier

Get allocation with special collections

NFT Staking

Stake your NFT token, Earn more CSF token!

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3 Steps To Start


Connect Your Wallet

Metamask suggested wallet


Select sale pool

Select a sale pool from launchpad


Join Seed/Private Sales

You are ready to participate in the pre-sales.

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Coinsale Finance

Road Map

Q4 2021 CoinSale platform development

Q4 2021 Staking platform development

Q4 2021 Presale of Coinsale Token

Q1 2022 Partnerships

Q1 2022 Exchange listing

Q1 2022 New network developements and integrations

Q2 2022 Token lock system development

Q2 2022 Exchange listing

Q3 2022 Coinsale farming solutions

Q3 2022 Coinsale launchpad wallet

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frequently asked questions

Coinsale Finance is a launchpad that lists projects with audit reports and projects approved by the team on the Avalanche and Binance smart chain network.

First of all, you have to register on the site and fill out your profile. Then you can participate in the pre-sales by getting KYC approval.

The pre-sale date will be announced soon, after which you will be able to buy it on uniswap.

You can apply with the form. (Form link will be shared.)

We do not list any project that does not provide the audit report and the necessary information.

Currently, the staking site is being developed. All projects will be able to create a staking program in a decentralized manner.